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Servitalent presents the results of the I Talentor Global Survey

Servitalent presents in Spain the results of the 1st edition of the Talentor Global Survey.

The results of the Talentor Global Survey, carried out by Talentor International and coordinated by our CEO, Alberto Fernández Varela, have been presented these days. For the elaboration of this study, strategic conversations were held with 118 professionals with executive responsibilities from 22 countries

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Unlocking global growth by having local teams

Why building a local team is vital for your international business expansion?

When it comes to conducting business internationally, having a team on the ground in your destination country is essential, because it allows you to get a deeper understanding of the local market and culture, which is crucial to your business success.

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Guia IM I

Who are the Interim Managers?

Servitalent was born almost 10 years ago providing Interim Management services, with one of its goals always being to position and promote this activity among companies in Spain, as it has been considered a strategic lever to provide suitable management expertise to the cyclical needs of companies. To achieve this, one of the tools used has been the Report on the State of Interim Management in Spain, which is also becoming a reference in the sector. The results obtained in this study will be included in the fourth edition of our Interim Management Hiring Guide 2023.

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bosnia and herzegovina

Executive Search in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As you may already know, Servitalent is part of the headhunters network Talentor International.

Some time ago we created an initiative called "Spanish e-coffee with..." in which, little by little, we are coordinating with the teams from the different countries that make up this network, in order to share a "virtual coffee" to get to know each other and, also, explore ways to collaborate together in the search for executive talent in both countries. In this way we both manage to improve our global recruitment services and, at the same time, get closer to the culture and peculiarities of these countries in order to better understand the needs of their market.

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